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CNBC Halftime Report with Karen Firestone

Kari joined The Halftime Report for the entire hour to talk about Facebook and Amazon in the wake of their earnings reports last week. Click on the links below to watch two of her clips. Clip 1: Facebook (she starts around 3:45) Clip 2: Amazon


NYT: Why Is the Stock Market So High? Ask the Bond Market

By JEFF SOMMER JULY 30, 2016 This seems so obvious but the experts keep marveling that the market has continued to go higher.  Other than a mattress, it’s not easy to find a place to put your money where you can get it back quickly. Read the article in The New York Times here


WSJ: U.S. Data Point to Stronger Economy

By Ben Leubsdorf This is the type of news the economy and the market needs.  Hopefully geopolitical risks won’t derail the recovery. Read the full article in The Wall Street Journal