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CNBC: Controversy, dissent and baggage are good for your stock portfolio

This article was written for Having more than one decision-maker can only work if the participants can handle the fights and come away scuffed-up but, basically, uninjured. Who has ever made much money buying a stock when everyone agreed that it was fantastic idea? Read the full article on here


CNBC: Tech stocks rebound

Kari Firestone of Aureus Asset Management joins the ‘Fast Money Halftime Report’ team to discuss tech stocks rebounding and if it’s time to buy in. Watch the full video on


NYT: After a Market Swoon, Investors Are Seeking Safety

While the stock market has shocked us back to the reality that markets don’t just go up all the time, we have seen the logical buying of very oversold stocks and improvement of international markets that hit extremely low valuations compared to the US.  That’s all generally good news for orderly markets. Read the full…