Karen Firestone has spent over thirty years honing skills applied to
the investment world, while at the same time navigating a path through the work/familyscape. She considers many issues from an unusual angle, including stock market movement, factors facing professional women today, and how to think in simple terms about some complex financial structures. Karen shares her observations in posts that also appear in the Harvard Business Review and Huffington Post. As the CEO of Aureus Asset Management, a former fund manager at Fidelity Investments, and the mother of four grown children, Karen has a rare perspective into which she injects humor and some irreverence.

WSJ: The Crisis in American Entrepreneurship

By JEFFREY SPARSHOTT Mar 7, 2016 10:13 am ET Start-ups might be suffering but not due to fewer ideas. Concepts can be too costly and uneconomic to develop after years of venture firms throwing money at entrepreneurs. Read the full article in The Wall Street Journal


How Technology is Ruining My Life

Angry Blue Screen

I use technology all day.  So does everyone, unless you have settled into an ultra-alternative life as a fisherman/woman in the Faroe Islands, and I bet you’ll need GPS and plenty of digital devices.  I am the CEO of a financial services company where we buy and sell shares of stocks through an electronic trading…


HBR: Taking Longer to Reach the Top Has Its Benefits


Most career advice today encourages us to move forward passionately, intentionally, boldly — and above all, quickly. Career coaches don’t make a lot of money from encouraging people to “get ahead slowly.” However, in terms of fulfilling our long-term goals for career success, patience can be an asset. That’s not to say waiting is easy….


CNBC: Stocks to Watch & Santa Claus Rally

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015 Karen Firestone, along with others, joined CNBC’s Squawk Box to talk about the existence of a Santa Claus Rally in 2015, the Fed’s upcoming rate hike decision, and some stocks to watch for 2016. VIDEO: “Santa Claus rally on the way” VIDEO: “Stocks to watch in 2016” Watch the first video…


CNBC: Smart Money Value Picks

Karen Firestone was recently on CNBC’s Halftime Report to discuss how her top picks coincide with the consumer’s strong balance sheet. Watch the full video on CNBC.com


HBR: What I Didn’t Know About Becoming a CEO


By Karen Firestone NOVEMBER 09, 2015 The company I co-founded is now ten years old. While we’re an investment firm, many of the things I’ve learned as CEO transcend any particular industry. In looking back over the years, there are some things that I expected to be tough, and they have been. But there have…