Karen Firestone has spent over thirty years honing skills applied to
the investment world, while at the same time navigating a path through the work/familyscape. She considers many issues from an unusual angle, including stock market movement, factors facing professional women today, and how to think in simple terms about some complex financial structures. Karen shares her observations in posts that also appear in the Harvard Business Review and Huffington Post. As the CEO of Aureus Asset Management, a former fund manager at Fidelity Investments, and the mother of four grown children, Karen has a rare perspective into which she injects humor and some irreverence.

Richer Life Lab Podcast featuring Kari Firestone

Kari joined the Richer Life Lab podcast to talk about her book “Even the Odds” with Laura D. Adams. Laura and Kate explore with Karen how to assess risk around money, career and relationships. In addition, their website has a few tips and some advice for taking risk sensibly. Listen to the podcast on their website…


How to Rely on Our Knowledge if We Misjudge What We Know

By Karen Firestone One of the tenets of sensible risk taking, the topic of my recent book, “Even the Odds,” is relying on own knowledge and experience.   The more I describe that principle, the more I realize that it needs a footnote. Often, we do not have a solid grasp on what we do and…


CNBC Halftime Report with Karen Firestone

Kari joined The Halftime Report for the entire hour to talk about Facebook and Amazon in the wake of their earnings reports last week. Click on the links below to watch two of her clips. Clip 1: Facebook (she starts around 3:45) Clip 2: Amazon


NYT: Why Is the Stock Market So High? Ask the Bond Market

By JEFF SOMMER JULY 30, 2016 This seems so obvious but the experts keep marveling that the market has continued to go higher.  Other than a mattress, it’s not easy to find a place to put your money where you can get it back quickly. Read the article in The New York Times here


WBZ News Radio With Jon Keller

Kari was recently on Keller @ Large to talk about her new book, “Even The Odds: Sensible Risk-Taking In Business, Investing, And Life”. In the article she highlights risks regarding the aftermath of the Brexit vote in addition to our upcoming election in the U.S. this November. Watch the video below and follow this link…