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Is It Ever OK to Break Into Your Colleague’s Computer?

Rick was looking for Kelly, one of the analysts who supported his consulting team. Kelly’s hours were a mystery, and Rick was confused and annoyed. He tried to check her calendar online, but, after struggling to locate it, he solicited help from an IT specialist. They found all sorts of surprising weekday appointments at the…


To Catch a Thief: What We Can Learn From Online Dating

As I woke on a recent morning, the first thing I heard on the radio was a story about Florian Homm, a flamboyant German financier who had been on the run for five years for allegedly stealing over $200M from his Absolute Capital Hedge Fund. Mr. Homm was arrested in a sting operation at none…


Steroids, Stocks and Too Good to be True

What can investors learn from the sagas of Lance Armstrong or Roger Clemens? Are there lessons from observing the spectacular career heights and precipitous declines of some of our most celebrated athletes? We exalt in the extraordinary because it makes us feel closer, as humans, to grandiosity ourselves.