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How to Rely on Our Knowledge if We Misjudge What We Know

By Karen Firestone One of the tenets of sensible risk taking, the topic of my recent book, “Even the Odds,” is relying on own knowledge and experience.   The more I describe that principle, the more I realize that it needs a footnote. Often, we do not have a solid grasp on what we do and…


Podcast: How to Be Smarter About Risk

Kari was recently interviewed on the podcast “How Do We Fix It” to talk about how to be smarter in the risks you take in your life. Listen to her on the podcast by clicking the link below. How Do We Fix It with Karen Firestone


Bryant Park Reading Room

Yesterday I was invited to participate in Bryant Park’s Reading Room in New York. Every week during the summer, an author is invited to Bryant Park to speak about their most recent work. Here are a few pictures from the event. Click here to learn more about the Bryant Park Reading Room