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What We Can Learn From The Election

Thoughts from Aureus CEO Kari Firestone: We cannot trust polls, surveys, or predictions.  How does that translate to my business, investments, which is totally based on aligning expectations with prices? We need to be more skeptical about predictions we hear from Wall Street, from corporations, and, of course, from pollsters.  The most surprising thing about…


Podcast: Kari Firestone on The Bloomberg Advantage

Karen Firestone joined Carol Massar and Cory Johnson on “The Bloomberg Advantage” podcast to talk about how a Clinton Presidency may influence markets. Check out The Bloomberg Advantage podcast here or listen below.


WBZ News Radio With Jon Keller

Kari was recently on Keller @ Large to talk about her new book, “Even The Odds: Sensible Risk-Taking In Business, Investing, And Life”. In the article she highlights risks regarding the aftermath of the Brexit vote in addition to our upcoming election in the U.S. this November. Watch the video below and follow this link…