Karen Firestone has spent over thirty years honing skills applied to
the investment world, while at the same time navigating a path through the work/familyscape. She considers many issues from an unusual angle, including stock market movement, factors facing professional women today, and how to think in simple terms about some complex financial structures. Karen shares her observations in posts that also appear in the Harvard Business Review and Huffington Post. As the CEO of Aureus Asset Management, a former fund manager at Fidelity Investments, and the mother of four grown children, Karen has a rare perspective into which she injects humor and some irreverence.

CNBC: Tech stocks rebound

Kari Firestone of Aureus Asset Management joins the ‘Fast Money Halftime Report’ team to discuss tech stocks rebounding and if it’s time to buy in. Watch the full video on CNBC.com


NYT: After a Market Swoon, Investors Are Seeking Safety

While the stock market has shocked us back to the reality that markets don’t just go up all the time, we have seen the logical buying of very oversold stocks and improvement of international markets that hit extremely low valuations compared to the US.  That’s all generally good news for orderly markets. Read the full…


CNBC: Halftime Report

Kari appeared via video link on Halftime Report this week to discuss the recent selloff. Watch the full video on CNBC.com


Digital darling stocks are not necessarily riskier than blue chip names despite their reputation

One of the favorite pastimes of market watchers is predicting the next seismic shift in investor preference. The latest trendy forecast goes something like this: We’ve had a major pivot from the digital darling FAANG stocks to the rejuvenated “Blue Chips” of 2018. However, finding evidence of this type of leadership swap in history is far from…


WSJ: Companies Lure New Workers With College Coaching, Student Debt Repayment

This WSJ article discusses how a tight labor market is forcing employers to offer new forms of benefits to lure prospective workers and retain current ones. While the seeming lack of wage growth has perplexed the market, the growth of traditional and non-traditional employee benefits often understate the extent of wage growth in today’s market….


HBR: How One CEO Prepared Her Organization for Her Retirement

“Last year I decided it was time to shake things up at our investment management company.  After 12 years as president and then CEO, I thought it was time to shift some of my responsibilities to my partners.” In my most recent HBR post, I discuss the difficult process of preparing Aureus for an eventual CEO transition. Read…